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Hello everyone,

My name is Sandra Robles, LMT and owner of Mind Body Soul Therapeutics. Today I want to share the wonderful mission of my nephew Winston James. A mission his parents continue in honor of his legacy...


 Winstons Warriors is a non profit organazation that my sister in law Jennifer and Lucky Mcdonald created in 2018 after spending 15 days in the NICU with their son Winston James before he passed away from complications.  Winston was born June 2nd of 2017. This little warrior fought a hard battle those 15 days and taught us to never give up. He brought so much joy to his parents, sister and family. We remember him with so much love.. His legacy will keep growing as his parents go on with this beautiful mission of love, care and support to other families that are going through the same thing.


The organization's purpose is to support families  by raising money to provide care boxes for the families and babies in the NICU . These boxes are packaged by them and contain essentials for the families, as well as adorable little goodies for the babies, like baby books, hats and small blankies that wonderful people have made and donated.   

We want to say thank you to everyone who purchased or donated to this beautiful cause for Winston's birthday month. We want his mission to continue on to support the families that have their own little warriors and to NEVER GIVE UP!

If you would like to donate to Winston's warriors you can do so through here. For additional amounts or for other ways to donate contact us here. Thank you in advance, we really appreciate it!


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To learn more about Winston's Warriors mission and Winstons James story here are links to their facebook pages.

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